Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prayer request for Patty

Please pray for my dear wife Patty. She went to the hospital on Sunday because she was suddenly very sick and throwing up blood. Sunday night and Monday the doctors ran tests to find bleeding in the stomach and transferred her into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and medication monitoring. This morning, further tests revealed that the bleeding in her stomach has not stopped and she going into surgery now. Please pray for her.

Thank you, Brian


Brian Ray Todd said...

2/3/16 8:00AM Update: On the final hemoglobin loss test, Patty's results were "stable", meaning that the bleeding had stopped, so the surgeon delayed the major surgery that would have opened her stomach and removed the bleeding source. Release forms were signed for the life or death surgical procedure cause the bleeding in the stomach returned. It had stopped temporarily on Monday, but came back even worse that night, losing 5 pints of blood. Another test was taken after three hours and she was still "stable" The surgeon said not to get our hopes up too high but the report was encouraging. He said that they needed to monitor her and achieve 24 hours of no blood loss to start to get "out of the woods" for a cancellation of a life-saving surgery that would limit and affect her the rest of her life. At 8:30pm hemoglobin test results came in at 9:45pm as "stable so far" and my son and I exhaled in relief. With each increasing hour, the odds increase of recovery, yet she is in God's hands. We pray for a continued "stable" report at the 3:00am test and the 9am test this morning. thank you all for your prayers in these trying times. I shall write another update on Patty later today. God bless you.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Saturday Update: It has been an up and down week as Patty's test once again showed a loss of blood on Thursday night. We met the Surgeon and went through the options and discussed surgery again. The plan was to use the Arthroscope first to go down to the stomach and visual examine for bleeding and the source. If the bleeding had stopped, then they would not perform the major surgical procedure which would open her stomach to repair the source of the problem, but leave her limited in ability and diet for the rest of her life. If bleeding was found, then he would proceed with the surgery. We stayed with her until they wheeled her gurney into the operating room and made our way to the Waiting Room. The surgeon told us that if the scope shows no bleeding that he personally would come to the Waiting Room to tell us. But if the scope revealed bleed, then he would send an assistant to the Waiting Room to let us know that she was undergoing the surgery. After one and a half hours, the Surgeon came into the room and asked to talk to us. The Arthroscope found blood clots in the stomach, but they were old blood. He examined the ulcer that was clamped previously and found it healing, so they removed the blood clots and searched the entire stomach lining and the upper portion of the small intestine, where bleed sometimes occurs. He thoroughly search for the source of the obvious bleeding, but found nothing. The Surgeon said that he had never seen anything like this before. He stated that he had no explanation for not finding the source of the blood in the stomach, unless it had miraculous stopped.

She was taken back to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for observation over the weekend. The last Hemoglobin test showed her gaining new blood and improving. With the "roller coaster ride" that we been on this week, we are making no predictions until she gets released and comes home, except that God is good and prayer changes things. God bless you all.