Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Peace in Christ

Romans 15:33 “May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.”

Check out this piece that I found on the God of peace.

In light of what the Apostle has said elsewhere in Romans and what the rest of the Bible teaches us, the little phrase “God of peace” carries great significance. Let us not forget that peace between Jews and Gentiles is meaningless if Jews and Gentiles are not at peace with God. When mankind fell and the relationship between Creator and creature became characterized by war, men and women were set not only against the Lord but also against each other. Relationships between people that are fully characterized by the biblical notion of peace—wholeness, harmony, and the other blessings of the world to come—are impossible until such peace is established between God and His people. Only when we are at peace with God can we truly make peace with others.

In Christ, we are at peace with the Lord, and this is the peace that God Himself provided by sparing not His Son in order to save us. He is the God of peace because in Christ He makes peace between Himself and us. Many well-meaning people seek world peace, but as Christians, we know that this will not be possible until all the world is at peace with God. The only way to bring about lasting peace between people and nations is to proclaim the gospel. As this happens, men and women will repent and believe in Jesus, and once at peace with God in Christ, they will begin to seek peace where they are. Let us pray for peace and preach the gospel so as to be instruments of God’s peace.


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