Saturday, February 27, 2016

Praise Report – Home

James 5:15And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.” 

I have a wonderful “Praise Report” on my dear wife today. After 25 straight days in the hospital, we have brought her home with the stomach bleeding condition completely stopped.

This particular condition is called a “Dieulafoy Lesion” and those of you who would like to know the details of this illness, here is a web-link that will explain: that you can go to and read about it.

This was a very serious (even life-threatening) condition as this lesion would open for a very short amount of time and bleed a massive amount of blood into the stomach, then close and be undetectable. The blood loss would immediately lower the hemoglobin level of the body, lower the blood pressure and increase the heart-rate to dangerous levels. Any hemoglobin level below 6.0 is non-life sustaining and requires a blood transfusion immediately if drops below 7.0. The lesion would bleed every two to three days only, so was like on a roller-coaster ride of getting better and getting worse. Over the 25 days, she experienced 3 CT Scans and 7 Scopes put down into her stomach to try to find the bleeding source, and 23 pints of blood transfused over that time to replace the losses.

On the seventh Scope procedure, (seven being the number of “completion” in the Bible, the Gastro-intestinal Physician saw the actively bleeding Dieulafoy lesion and was able to insert clapping clips on the location, which completely closed the wound and stopped the bleeding. The lesion shall now heal and the clips will natural fall off in 3-4 weeks. Her vital signs and hemoglobin level immediately corrected and we were able to bring her home, where she is expected to have a 100% recovery after a little rest, relaxation and recuperation.

I want to thank you all for you blessed prayers for her. We think about the slim chances of the doctors have the scope in her stomach at the exact moment that the blood gushes out, and praise the Lord for His loving mercy and grace in guiding the Physicians to discover and treat this condition, that she may live and bless us all again.

In Christ, Brian

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