Friday, December 18, 2015

Brian's Accident

Good afternoon blog readers, this message is from Brian's wife Patty. Brian was involved in a motorcycle accident yesterday morning on his way to work. He suffered numerous fractures but we are very thankful to God that he has no head or neck injuries. We praise God for protecting him from oncoming freeway traffic and sparing his very life. He had surgery this morning and asked me to write a short note to all of you. Please pray for his recovery and my strength to care for his needs. I'm sure he will soon want to get back to the blog.




underground pewster said...

Prayer ascending.

Alice said...

I hope all will go well. Get better Brian!

Brian Ray Todd said...

Thank you UG Pewster & Alice for your prayers and get well encouragement. When a major accident can be restricted to just a couple major (but non-life-threatening) injuries) the praises must be to the Lord for such a miraculous result. I am still in the hospital recovering from a surgically repaired broken right leg & left wrist, with a couple months rehab, but nothing else from such a violent collision and unprotected crash landing on the Freeway. Everyone may use the term: "you are lucky to be alive." But, I know that I am blessed to have been miraculously delivered by the Lord and there is a godly purpose for the future that I have been granted. A new door in my life has opened for me and after this time of rest and recoperation, with the guiding of the Holy Spirit, I shall walk through it for the love of my fellow man, for the glory of God. Thank you for writing.